Monday, September 30, 2013

The Michael J Fox Show Will Comedy Kill the Cause?

I don’t subscribe to cable TV, nor do I own an antenna.  A lonely CRT television vintage 1990 sits in our parlor. Occasionally it gets to process some electricity when Martha plays her yoga DVD’s. “I’m warming up the tubes!” she’ll call, hoping that I might join her as she stretches and contorts.  (Smile dear reader, you remember waiting for the warm glow of vacuum tubes to bring your black and white television to life.) 
So, I will be at my son’s apartment  in front of his television at precisely 9 pm this Thursday night to watch Michael J launch his new comedy show.
MJF has done  more than his share to raise awareness of the P. D . epidemic.  His ability to raise money for research is phenomenal. Parkinson’s Disease needs a poster icon and MJF fills the role unselfishly.
I do , however, wonder if weeks of  parky jokes and self depreciating humor will take the edge off explaining how really debilitating P.D. is?  After all, Michael J Fox has P.D. . He has a TV show, how bad can P.D. really be?
Ask that question at a P.D. support group and you will find out. There  is a lot of suffering out there, both for the patient and the caregiver.  That cannot translate to a weekly TV sitcom.
I make no judgments. I will wait patiently for Thursday evening to arrive.   I hope to laugh and be entertained for an hour.  I just need to be careful that I don’t steal any of his jokes.
Tune in!  More later….

More now. I do 't know why I worry. I watched the show and the pilot show. A few parky jokes.
Likable characters. MJF is still adorable. As sitcoms go, I didn't find it that funny or controversial.  I have not watched many sitcoms since Cheers was on television. I don't know how to judge it.

It reminds me why I don't watch TV anymore. I've got too much to do and a short time to do it. ( Thank you Smokey and the Bandit,  I hear Jerry Reed singing now. ) 

So you go MJFox!  Keep raising that money and I'll keep signing up for your clinical trials.