Thursday, June 6, 2013

Clinical Trials Part 2

I finished  my obligations to Parexel and my involvement with the clinical trial.  I’m glad I did it and I’m happy to be finished. I t was work and I earned my pay. The most difficult part of the study was the two hour drive to get there for the three follow up visits. I still drive a car, but I two and a half hours by myself is a little daunting. 
I discovered that there is a population of healthy people who subject themselves to clinical studies  for the paycheck. I have no problem with this.  They are providing a valuable service.
The difficulty that the clinic faces is in finding Parkinson patients who will get involved.  Parkies , on the whole, don’t travel well.  Many need a companion to be with them to get  to the study. Plus, the pool of qualified P.D. patients in a geographical area close enough to commute is limited. 
If you have a chance to volunteer, you would be doing an important and  vital service.   Let me be the first to thank you in advance for your contribution to help understand this disease.
Baltimore Clinical Pharmacology Research Unit Harbor Hospital Center 7th Floor 3001 South Hanover Street Baltimore MD 21225

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