Friday, June 7, 2013

Goodbye Susie, Before You Kill Me


The 800cc  Suzuki cruiser motorcycle had to go.  I made the decision when, after being out on a ride for way too long, I stiffened up and scared myself.  I had my fun and made my point.
I was no longer “one with the machine”.  I was not in control.  I posted it on Craigslist as soon as I made it home.
The gentleman who answered the ad was named Raj.  He told me he wanted to buy my motorcycle because he was “born to be wild.”  I liked Raj.
After some negotiation, we settled on a price and drove to the title agency to change ownership.  His wife would follow him home in the car.
“ First, I must get my safety gear from the trunk of the car,” he told me.  “You know, a helmet is like a wife, you need her, but don’t necessarily  like her.”
Happy trails Raj.  You are a funny man.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Time Flies When Your Having A Parkie Day

I just posted my promised part two of my clinical trial adventure.   Somehow, three months have passed since I posted part one.  I’ve been busy. but really, what do I do all day?
I keep a simple diary.  Looking back I know that I do things. The important stuff gets done. The list of  "want to dos", however, piles up.

What's my reaction?  I commit to simplifying the things I own and do.  I sold the motorcycle.  Sorry.  We are cleaning out the house in anticipation of moving to a smaller, flatter one.

I know where this disease is going. I am scouting ahead, preparing for when it comes  around the corner. I’m retreating to a place where I can be firmly grounded to do battle on MY terms.

"Bring it on!"

Clinical Trials Part 2

I finished  my obligations to Parexel and my involvement with the clinical trial.  I’m glad I did it and I’m happy to be finished. I t was work and I earned my pay. The most difficult part of the study was the two hour drive to get there for the three follow up visits. I still drive a car, but I two and a half hours by myself is a little daunting. 
I discovered that there is a population of healthy people who subject themselves to clinical studies  for the paycheck. I have no problem with this.  They are providing a valuable service.
The difficulty that the clinic faces is in finding Parkinson patients who will get involved.  Parkies , on the whole, don’t travel well.  Many need a companion to be with them to get  to the study. Plus, the pool of qualified P.D. patients in a geographical area close enough to commute is limited. 
If you have a chance to volunteer, you would be doing an important and  vital service.   Let me be the first to thank you in advance for your contribution to help understand this disease.
Baltimore Clinical Pharmacology Research Unit Harbor Hospital Center 7th Floor 3001 South Hanover Street Baltimore MD 21225