Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Are The Chances?


One of the joys of writing a blog  is reading the work of others.

There are plenty of people writing about their experiences with Parkinson’s disease, and they are often inspiring.  So when I came across a story that mixed the topics of Parkinson's and motorcycles  I was, of course, intrigued.

Donna-Rae was, at the time, a sixty-one year old Parkinson’s patient who wanted to ride around the world on a motorcycle. She gave up the idea of being the pilot of  such an adventure, but she was able to convince a friend,  Dr. Gregory Frazier, an avid motorcyclist, to chart the way and take her on the ride of her life. 

If you are interested in reading her story, I have attached the link to her website.





Now fast forward to September of 2011.  Martha and I met up with our daughter, who lives and works in Denver, Colorado, for a camping trip through Wyoming. Our big destinations were the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.  Yes, I said camp. We shipped our gear out ahead of us to avoid wresting  the stuff on board airplanes. We anticipated cold nights and were not disappointed.  I, for the most part, felt well although sometimes tired.  We had a blast.

One morning, after spending the night in a remote and beautiful State Park, we packed our gear to head north. We stopped at the ranger station for maps, when a rider pulled into the parking lot on a Kawasaki adventure type motorcycle, fully decked with travel packs and gear.

I, like the moth to the flame, went over to strike up a conversation.  This is the kind of traveling I would want to do, if I felt up to it.  Most days, I still hold on to the dream.

After discussing the logistics of camping and traveling on a motorcycle, I got around to telling him that I too, was a rider. “ In fact,” I said, “ I bought my first motorcycle after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.”

“ Yeah, you Parkies have a lot of grit. I just finished taking a woman with Parkinson’s disease around the world on a motorcycle.”

My jaw dropped. “Dr. Frazier, I know you. I’ve been reading your blog!”


Dr. Frazier rode off when I realized that I had forgotten  to take a picture. Hoping for some luck, we headed toward the next town, Lander, Wyoming convinced that there would be a Kawasaki dealer nearby. And, in fact , there was. After taking some teasing from the owner of the dealership about having a fan club, Dr. Frazier graciously donned his riding jacket and posed for these photographs.


Dr. Frazer with our daughter, Ashleigh


Gregory and Michael


The travel machine

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