Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tent Camping With P.D.


I can only speak of my current condition, which has not changed significantly since my last trip to the West in September 2011.

( I know it’s confusing , Dear Reader, that I jump around in time when a blog should be linear.  I find linear  depressing, simply because it reminds us that we are all marching toward the cliff. So, indulge me if I revert to some quantum physics. )

With or without P.D. when camping, we sacrifice some level of comfort to be where we want to be.  The mornings are cold, the sleeping mats inadequate for comfort, and maintenance chores must still be performed. Camping is a means to an end and quite tolerable to a mild to moderate Parky like me.

How glorious it is to wake up in a scenic and interesting place, in this case Yellowstone National Park. We wriggle out of the tent , walk to the river cliff and watch bison graze  in the morning haze. I  share the brisk morning with the family I love. Stir the fire, fry the eggs, clean up and get going for the next adventure.

Sure, I didn’t walk as fast as I used to. I got tired in the afternoon, but we were often traveling in the rental car by then, so I had a chance for a nap.  No hurries, no worries.

I did pull out the Parky card though. People with disabilities and their traveling companions can get a discount pass good for all the National Parks, without expiration. Go to a Ranger Station, dump your Carbidopa Levodopa on the counter and tell them you have that Michael J. Fox disease.  No questions were asked. (Perhaps it was my gait and twisty head.)

My advise is keep doing what you do for as long as you can do it. Love your family, love yourself, love life!



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