Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sleep Study

I say yes to medical studies when asked. I think I am contributing my few data points towards a cure. Adding a small adventure to my often boring, mundane, humdrum life has absolutely nothing to do with it.
University of Pennsylvania  needed to measure some sleeping Parky brains, so I volunteered. This is a job I can do really well!
No big story here. They wired me with about 40 contacts on my head, and looking like the bride of Frankenstein, I donned my jammies and went to bed.
Not as easy as we expected, I’m afraid. My wobbly head twisted off wires against the pillow. All night, the poor techs repeatedly woke me to re-attach the wires. I didn't sleep much, but they told me they got some good data.
Plus, I got a nice thank you letter.
Say yes to research.

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