Monday, May 21, 2012

This is what I need to do.

Ten months have passed since my last blog post.
Five years have passed since I was officially diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease.
Seven years have passed since I first showed symptoms that, in retrospect, I recognize as PD.

I'm in a new phase now.

The data points accumulating on my private mental graph all show a downward trend. In short, PD is going to kick my butt.

I don't care. Like a bar fight with a big brute that has offended my honor, I'll step into the fray and take my whuppin'. Maybe I'll get in a few solid hits before I go down.

As part of the fight, I've decided to keep on writing. Don't be discouraged, Dear Reader, we can live a happy full life with PD. We just need to take our time..... and pick our battles.

Go Team Go!

Love,  Michael Spokane

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