Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Botox Revisited

In a blog post dated January 19th 2011, (titled "Botox, not just for wrinkles") I described the annoying tendency for my head to twist uncontrollably to the right, which forced me to consciously twist my neck back to forward again. I adopted various coping strategies, such as holding my chin with my right hand or cradling it in my left hand, giving the illusion that I was indeed terribly interested in everything you were talking about. In reality, I could not hide the fact that I was a bobble head and often explained that "I am not trying to be rude, but I'll hold eye contact as long as I can as you speak to me, then I'll catch again on the back swing."

It was just tedious. At the urging of Dr. A. I switched to another doctor in the practice who was adept at using Botox to quell these symptoms. The working theory is, if you paralyze the muscle powering the twist, the twist stops. The cure should work for three months, then requires another injection.

I was ready. It was relatively painless....... It didn't work.

Weeks after the injection, I was still fumbling with holding eye contact with those to whom I spoke.
I got even more twisty when I received the bill in the mail. Even though insurance picked up half of the bill, I still owed over $1200.00 for something that failed. Four shots a year for the rest of my life was just unsustainable.

Plus, at the time, I was pricing new motorcycles!

Post Script:  Although the Botox injection did not have the anticipated effect, months later (long after the effect of the toxin should have worn off) I noticed that I had periods of time during the day when the twist DID stop. Although I can have periods of severe "bobble", blessed hours go by where it is a complete none issue. As time go on, I seem to gain longer periods of respite. Perhaps, over time, it will just go away.

To be replaced by other, more annoying, PD symptoms.

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