Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nom de Plume

I've been outed.  Or, at least I have decided to tell you my true name.

If you’ll remember that in post 59, I described how Dr. A and I were interviewed for a short news story about her research. Dr. A  (Dr. Alice Chen Plotkin) asked me to help her by acting the part of  the patient.   (Not much acting involved. I was just my usual shaky self.)

My dilemma , Dear reader, is that if you see the news item on your local TV news, I want you to know it is me, Michael Spokane. Except  the news story uses my real name, Michael Young.  So the truth is out. Michael Young rides a motorcycle, quotes Mohammad Ali and has good days and bad days.

Now pen names are a  tried a true tradition. Mark Twain,  George Elliot and Anonymous  are all nom de plumes.  In the age of the internet, I didn’t need  my insurance company to know that I am a shaking palsy motor head.

Actually, in real life my own name keeps me anonymous.  Open the phone book and count the Michael Young's. For blogging purposes, Michael Spokane is a unique name that is easily searched (and found).

Website addresses under the Spokane name were much easier to obtain as well.  I cornered the market on Michael Spokane variants.  After all, someday I may need to expand my brand!

So there you have. The truth will set me free.

See the news story at the following link. (while you still can!) MichaelsParkinsonsAdventure


  1. I was just wondering if you quit your blog because your true identity has been revealed?

  2. Dear triste,

    Life got hectic. My writing muscles atrophied.
    I have accumulated more stories and insights during my time off and intend to start writing again shortly.