Monday, June 6, 2011

It’s Motorcycle Season

Mike moto still

I fear I have been a disappointment, Dear Reader.  You have been logging in to read more Citizen Science regarding Parkinson's disease, but instead of doing my best to keep you informed,  I’ve been out logging miles on my motorcycle.

I don’t take long trips.  Ninety minutes seems to be my level of comfort. I explore the beautiful countryside of Chester County, PA weaving along  curvy back roads past open fields and horse farms, and the inevitable housing developments that now  crowd our once rural county.  I’ve lived here all of my life,  yet I can still get lost enough to find new things.

My riding confidence has improved slightly, but I’m still capable of pulling off a bone-headed  maneuver that makes be question the wisdom of riding a motorcycle in the first place.  Since I ride well within my comfort zone, a slight riding gaff has yet to put me in any real danger. Hopefully I survive long enough to learn from my mistakes.

Martha seems to trust my skills however.  Just yesterday we went on a fund raising garden tour, doubled up and riding from site to site.  Having a passenger changes the whole balance dynamic, but I adapted and we both had a good time.

I’m also meeting other riders from the Parkinson’s community.  I have high hopes that  my association  with “Hollywood” ( I discovered that bikers adopt riding names ) will develop into a long term friendship.  He rode before developing PD and seems to have no problem doing long distance tours on his Harley Davidson Road King Classic.

My friend Frank (not a PWP) is known as Windwalker.  He named his motorcycle “Wanaga”, Sioux Indian for Ghost.

I named my motorcycle “Suzie”.  Some would say I ride a girl’s bike, so it’s fitting.  As for my name, if I can discover the Sioux Indian name for “ He who Wobbles” I’ll be set.