Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moving for the Joy of It


I’ve stated the obvious before, move to keep moving.  I keep moving even if I’m not improving.  If  I can slow the physical decline of Parkinson’s  for yet another day, I call that success.  This notion is measured with a self-deluding sliding scale, of course.  Do I move today as well as I did yesterday?  If I can say, “you bet!”,  I’m happy.

I learned how to measure physical movement when I was in my 30’s.  I took up running  and discovered that I enjoyed it.  I timed and recorded my workouts.  With greater effort I showed improvement.  I participated in competitions, where, although I was a middle of the pack runner, I raced against my own record and won. I had fun.

Inevitably, I posted a personal best that I never reached again. I aged. I didn’t stop running. I revised my goals to fit my capabilities.  The joy of moving was reason enough to continue.

We  know we’re going to have a personal best that we’ll never achieve again.  All athletes pass their prime.  I never mourned the passing of my fastest time.  I accepted  it as the natural progression of life.

I continue to define new challenges, and strive for new personal bests. Life is a mysterious adventure.  P.D. does not change that.

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