Monday, March 28, 2011

The Invitation

Post 58
I opened my email several weeks ago and was surprised to find a message from Dr. A.  She said she had been asked to do a TV interview about her current research. (See my last post for a discussion of that research.) The TV producer thought it would make the show more interesting if a patient were involved. Dr A. asked me if I would like to participate.
If you have been following my story, Dear Reader, it might surprise you that I am reluctant to try new things.  A TV interview, no matter how small my part, would qualify as new and potentially stressful.  But, I have made a conscious decision to push past my boundaries of comfort and say yes to the new. I would participate, and say “yes” to both opportunity and life. I am learning that the key to coping with movement disorder is to just keep moving, both physically and mentally.
I can only live actively by pushing open new doors and shuffling through.  

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