Friday, February 11, 2011

Prehabilitation and P.D.

Post 46
I became a regular at the gym twenty years ago when Martha and I joined the local YMCA.  We thought it would be fun for our kids because of the pool.  We spent many a happy afternoon bobbing around in the water.  As the years progressed, we all gravitated to different and favorite activities.
I leaned more towards recreational running in my thirties, but as I became less intimidated with free weights, I found that I enjoyed strength training as well.
I am fortunate to have been healthy, active and in training. I am familiar with my body and muscles because of it.  I know what I am losing, predictably, to middle age and not so predictably to Parkinson’s.
Now, I think of exercise as prehabilitation. The aim is to keep strong and to keep moving to prevent injuries before they occur.  I stretch.  I weight train. I make up balance games (such as bouncing a medicine ball while standing on one leg.)  On good days, you’ll find me on the treadmill or bicycle, staying just one step ahead of P.D.
 I may be sliding down the mountain, but with prehabilitation, I can dig in my heels and slow the descent. After all, I want to enjoy the scenery on the way down.

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