Monday, February 21, 2011

Planning for Dr. A

Post 49
This is the week for my semi-annual trip to Philadelphia to see Dr. A. The appointment is on Friday, but I start planning for it in advance. There is a lot of information to relay to the doctor and a short window of time to do so. I will have, at best, 30 minutes to paint a snapshot of my quality of life. I make a list and keep on topic. I count my pills and refill options and make sure I leave the office with scripts that last until our next visit.
I don’t anticipate any startling news or breakthrough cures. The visit will add another data point to my chart.  Maybe she’ll give me permission to fiddle around the edges with dosing, but guess what, I already do that.  I am my own experiment, with Bunson burners blazing, I try to turn Sinemet into gold. The alchemists failed, and, ultimately, so will I.   For now, I am grateful for little successes, the few hours of fluid motion that I  enjoy each day, and the people who share both the on and the off times with me.

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