Thursday, February 17, 2011

P.D. It’s Not All Downhill

Post 48
Medications chase symptoms. I should probably keep a diary to remember what works and when, but really, I have other things to do. I’m aware when I’m twisty if it’s interfering with what’s happening in the moment, less aware when movement is smoothed out by the meds.
The last several months have been particularly problematic. I know that I’ve dropped a data point on the graph chart of downward decline. It is a small move, but perceptible. Thus, all the more joy when all positive factors aligned and I realized, for at least for a few hours, I was totally symptom free.
I was at the gym with Martha. I skipped into the cardio room where she was busy on the rowing machine. “Look at me. I feel great!” I said. I wanted to run around the gym and boast about how absolutely normal I felt. (I did not, of course) It did, however, seem a waste to use up this absence of P.D. chugging along on the treadmill.
How does one celebrate what was sure to be a fleeting few hours of normal?                                 

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