Sunday, February 27, 2011

If You Measure It, You Can Manage It

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I went to the doctor on Friday. My condition is stable. Of course, my body was on its best behavior. I can never seem to show up for an appointment with my shuffle on. I cannot even tell Dr. A how the drugs I take correlate with my off times. I thought I had been paying attention, but it is now obvious that I could do better.
I’ve been given an assignment. Fire up an Excel spreadsheet and start assembling some data. Quantify my shuffle from one to five.  I might as well add head twisting to the equation. I’ll put it all on a timeline. I’ll show when I take my pills, turn it all into a graph, and see what I can learn.
Dr. A thinks that a week of study might reveal some clues to better manage symptoms. I would be happy if I discover that the off times are due to my mistiming of meds.

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