Monday, February 28, 2011

I Wondered When They’d Ask for My Brain

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My visit to see Dr. A on Friday also included my annual interview to gather information for the National Parkinson’s Foundation Registry.  I was prepared to give up some more blood. I was confident that my new friend, Dr. PHD, would, by now, be quite proficient with his blood drawing skills. After all, he now had some time under his belt.
I was subjected to the now familiar questions, (more on these tomorrow) and asked to do some observed walking. He asked me for the hand quack and the toe tap. Then he popped the question. Would I consider participating in a new study?
I know that I come across as an enthusiastic fellow, and as such, I am an easy mark.
“It involves a spinal tap” said Dr. PHD. “We can gain a lot more information from spinal fluid than we can from blood alone.” A spinal tap? My mind raced with visions of House M.D. television episodes where spinal taps led to pain, infections, and defibrillator paddles. “Clear!”  Ka-chunk!  “No response. Turn it up another mega joule.”
“Oh, and by the way, if you could bequeath your brain for us to study at the time of your death, we would really be able to ties these studies all together.”
I need to give some serious thought to the spinal tap part of the study.  But brain donation is no problem for me. I want them to have it. I knew they would ask for it, so I wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle to keep it in good shape.
It may well be my ticket to be a guest on Oprah. “Dr. Oz, meet Mr. Spokane, brain of the day”.

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