Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Escalator or: Mirapex and Impulse Control

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Ever since I read about the connection between Mirapex and impulse control, I have been examining my own behavior. After some introspection, I’ve concluded that I’m still fairly sane. I don’t buy lottery tickets, hoard paperclips, or twisty ties, nor do I act inappropriately in public.
At least, not until the Barnes and Noble Bookstore escalator incident. Martha and I were there to pick out a gift. I was browsing the bookshelves looking for titles that I would later search for at the library. (I’m still cheap, Mirapex hasn’t changed that.) Martha informed me that she was heading for the second floor. Good idea, I thought. Since I was standing next to an empty escalator, up I went. Up the down escalator, that is. It made perfect sense. Get to the second floor and get some aerobic exercise. Plus, it was fun chugging along on the ultimate stair step machine. It was fun until I reached the top where I was greeted by a stern lady, arms akimbo, who informed me that I could not go up the down escalator.
“But I can” I said. “In fact I just did. It was exhilarating.”  

“But it’s dangerous” she said. “Probably will be if you don’t step aside and let me off this thing” I said, as I jogged in place on the last few moving stairs.
Now I’m not complaining. Someone needs to be escalator monitor and protect bonehead people like me from their own dumb actions.  All the while, Martha, riding the proper stairs, did her best not to make eye contact or otherwise let on that we were together.
Stern lady stepped aside and I exited the fun ride. I wanted to make stern lady feel better, but what does one say? “Sorry you’re correct. I must have gotten confused?”  Instead I said,” Don’t worry; I’ll go down the same way I came up.”
 An ambiguous statement if I ever heard one.

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  1. great story! That sounds like something I would do. As I read about "going up the down staircase" I thought "What a great idea for a work out"; until I read about the 'stern lady'. Too bad. I liked your response to her, though. I hope she paused to think about it.