Monday, February 14, 2011

Canes Make Me Able

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My cane collection started when I was just 12 years old.  My grandfather died, and my grandmother gave me the two canes that he had. She knew I would appreciate them.  I had often admired them.   I knew they were special, even at my young age. What boy wouldn’t, they were fabulous items. One has a beautiful snake carved on it, coiling its way around the cane. The other, with its ivory carved dog head handle, concealed a dagger. How lucky could one boy be? 
Two of anything really cool begs to be a collection. So, I acquired other canes over the years and display them all in a container in the hallway. None, however, are as grand as my grandmother’s gift.
I never thought that I would ever need to use a cane.  Or rather, “be on a cane”, as some people say. Except for one sturdy wood Shepherd’s hook, my canes are too fragile to serve as a daily tool. Drugstore models, with their adjustable aluminum shafts, are far too noisy to be attractive.
So, I search the internet. There are canes of all types and prices available for the ordering. It seems I’m not the only one who collects canes.  Now I lust after carbon fiber shafted canes with derby heads. I can order them painted with racing flames just like the canes of the, Gregory House M.D. His character makes canes look cool, and has probably created a boom in their demand.
For now, however, I’ll be content with my plain wooden model.  Its hand painted with vines and flowers, a bit feminine, but a useful prop none the less. I know someday, I’ll hook it on a store shelf and forget it, like I have done with so many of my favorite hats.
Then, to compensate for the loss, I’ll just order that carbon fiber model, while Martha’s not looking.

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