Thursday, January 27, 2011

Working in the Snow, or the Shuffling Shoveler

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In the fall, a young Russian couple moved into the house next door.  Because they are Russian, when it snows, they go outdoors.  When Boris leaves for work, Lydia shovels a path and pushes baby Nikita to watch as she cleans off the car.  Another neighbor told us that one night, they were out at midnight shoveling and laughing in the moonlight. Were they making a path for the troikas?  
The East Coast was hit last night with a significant snowfall. We woke up to 16 inches of new snow and a giant 8 foot snowwoman on the sidewalk between my neighbor and me.  We knew she was a snowwoman because her features were highlighted with pastel water colors. I wonder if this is what all Russians do with their snowpersons. Happily, I also noted that they had converted some of my snow into the sculpture.  
People noticed, and stopped their cars to photograph the giantess.
I’m trying to make this post relevant to PD, but come on, cut me a break.  IT ‘S A SNOW DAY.
If there’s anything to say about Parkinson’s, it is to tell you I am starting to have problems controlling my symptoms with medication.  My “by the clock” pharmaceutical dosing is beginning to fail. Today, by the time I got back in from shoveling, I was quite the shuffler.  I’m still two hours away from my next dose of Sinemet, but decided to just wait it out.
I need to research the correlation between physical activity and metabolizing Carbidopa/Levodopa.
Does anyone out there have insights or experience to share along these lines?  If so, drop me a line.

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