Monday, January 24, 2011

Why We Love Michael J Fox

Post 40
1.       He’s handsome and has a pretty wife and great kids
2.       He’s looks way too young to have an incurable disease
3.       He’s just the right amount of shaky
4.       He seems like he’s having fun
5.       He is a tireless advocate for Parkinson’s research
6.       He raises oodles of money for Parkinson’s research
7.       Oprah likes him
When I found out that Michael J. and Dr. Oz would be guests, I scheduled my time at the gym to overlap with the Oprah Show.  I wanted to be at the gym because television in the afternoon never feels right to me.  If I am using a treadmill, T.V. is secondary, so watching becomes acceptable.  
I’m early in my diagnosis, so a dose of happy wouldn’t hurt. Oprah’s all about happy.  Michael J. and Dr. Oz have their latex gloves on, and poke at a freshly excised brain like it was a grapefruit. They make poking at a freshly excised brain look fun.  Oprah, as usual, is informative, kind, and caring and adds a level of gravitas to all the brain poking excitement.  Somehow, information about Parkinson’s leaks out around the corners. Mostly, the message is that PD is not that bad if one is optimistic, famous and rich. Being friends with Oprah helps too, because, boy can she sell books! This is great, by the way, because Michael J funds a lot of research with those book sales.
Now for the real optimistic part. Dr. Oz went out on a limb and declared that a cure for Parkinson’s was “single digit years away”.  This pronouncement was in 2010, so only eight more years, folks. Talk about a dose of happy!
In the meantime, just in case, I’m going to keep jogging on that treadmill and buying those books.

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