Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recognizing Uncle Winnie – Another Parkinson’s Patient

Post 34
I was standing outside the convenience store, drinking a cup of coffee, when an old pickup pulled up dragging a trailer. On the trailer was an even older Wheel Horse tractor. The door to the truck swung open, an out stepped a man who began to shuffle his way to the store.
As he approached, I took a chance. “You’re Uncle Winnie” I said. “Who wants to know? He replied.
“I’m a friend of your nephew Tom, over at the hardware store. I have Parkinson’s too.”
“Too bad for you.“ he said. “It’s a real nuisance. It hit me like a ton of bricks.  Literally.  One day I was fine, and then I’m dragging like I have lead in my shoes “ He turned, and without another word, went into the store and about his business.
My next stop was the hardware store. I walked up the aisle looking for Tom. I turned the corner, to find him stocking shelves.
“Tom,” I said “I just met Uncle Winnie.”
That’s interesting,” Tom said. “When I heard you shuffling in the other aisle, I thought you were him!”

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