Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Titrating 101

Dr. A told us that her diagnosis was Parkinson’s disease with 90% certainty. Short of a brain autopsy, that’s the best any physician can do.  She went on.  Parkinson’s is a slow degenerative disease with no blaa blaa, treat the symptoms blaa blaa, long useful blaa blaa.
OK, I glazed over. The doctor just confirmed my fears. Denial whispers, “I’m not LISTENING…… “  
 Screw Denial. I pull myself together and listen to the ”What can I do” part.
Dr. A gave me a photocopy of a Sinemet dosing schedule. It had me slowly increasing the dosage of carbidopa/levodopa over a four week period until I was taking 2 pills, three times a day. On top of that, I was prescribed 1 mg. of clonazepam for anxiety and 30 mg. of Paxil to treat an underlying depression. I also requested a prescription for some physical therapy. The therapist who treated my shoulder had become my friend. Mostly I wanted an excuse to hang out with him for a few more sessions.
For now, that was my action plan. I would learn some new stretching exercises while experimenting with “better living through chemistry”.

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