Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Post 22
My story of symptoms has been jumping around a little in time, dear readers, but we are now in the first months of 2009.
My number one complaint is sleep. Actually, I do sleep, I just don’t wake refreshed. Comparatively, my other symptoms are minor nuisances.  Sleep was once predictable and rejuvenating. I dreamt completely benign, forgettable stories. Now I sleep fitfully and dream with vivid cinematic effects. Complex plots weave through stories with unwelcome themes.  Sometimes I direct my own thoughts, steering the images to fulfill my subconscious screenwriter’s intentions. The nocturnal effort is exhausting.
Sometimes Martha wakes me when I physically act out the production. I may be running somewhere shouting directions, or pounding the gavel at the podium of my imagination.
I can recall exactly what I was dreaming when she wakes me. I tell her the stories. Martha tells me that arm restraints for me might make her sleeping safer.
I don’t know if it’s the PD or the medications that have caused this change. When I can, I use the power of the daytime nap to keep me sane.

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