Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More on Support Groups

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I’ve been a little dismissive of support groups. I do not discourage a PWP (person with Parkinson’s) from seeking out the fellowship of others. My intent was to show my tendency to deny the truth. By making fun of and ridiculing denial, I hope to take away its power.
Facing one’s mortality is a human’s universal dilemma. If one takes fatal disease or accident out of the equation, growing old is inevitable. We know what growing old looks like. In my case, it took a support group to see what growing old with Parkinson’s might look like.
Take one day at a time. Live in the present. Yes, easy to say, a struggle to implement. I am, after all, someone who created an Excel spread sheet listing, on the left, every  season from the time I was 50 to my eventual age of 86. (I figure anything over 86 is a happy bonus.) That, my friend, is looking at the long term picture. It fits on one sheet of paper. I can even fill in some future milestones, but mostly the right side of the ledger is blank. I occasionally look at this document to internalize it, to break the code to the meaning of life.  Instead, I am always reminded that life is short and beyond prediction.
It’s a good mental exercise for me. I have today and I’ll just have to be fine with that.

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