Friday, December 17, 2010

Martha Says Go

Post 24
“I read in that in the community section of the newspaper that there is a Parkinson’s support group at the local hospital. The meeting is today. We should go” Martha said.
“I’m busy” I said.
“No it would be good for you; we should go” she said.
“Oui?  What are we, French?” I said.
“But the group will talk about how they feel about having an incurable disease.”  Martha is all about talking feelings, and the prospect of diving into someone else’s business regarding incurable whatnot has her all excited.
“I have zero interest in going” I said. “First of all, No one will be talking about anything. A group of people in wheelchairs will be sitting in a circle doing old people exercises. It will led by a young PT student employed by the hospital. They will probably end the session by doing the wave.  You know, like they do at sport stadiums.”
 Of course I have no idea what really happens at a PD support group, other than it must be humiliating. I have no intention of going. I belong to a gym, after all.  
“Well,” she said, “if WE’RE not going, I’ll go by myself, mon ami.”
I know Martha; she is a force of nature.  “Wait, I’ll get my coat.” I reply.

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