Friday, December 3, 2010

Idiopathic P.D.

It is a Greek word meaning arising spontaneously from an unknown cause. The best research has yet to find a cause or a cure for Parkinson’s disease, hence the Greek title.  For me, Greek words meant nothing; I just felt like an idiot. I started doing some homework about P.D. and I scheduled the visit with a new neurologist. I decided to stop taking carbidopa/levodopa, at least until my next doctor visit. I had many reasons:
1.       I didn’t want to mask symptoms that might lead to a new diagnosis
2.       I wanted to experience my symptoms as they were
3.       I didn’t want carbidopa/levodopa causing symptoms
4.       I was pissed off
I had kicked my friend Denial to the curb and started to pal around with his brother, Anger.

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