Friday, December 10, 2010

Hanging with Brock

Brock is my physical therapist.  He treated me for rotator cuff problems and saved me from the surgeon’s scalpel. Over the course of many months of twisting and stretching my right shoulder, then my left, we had a lot of time to talk. We had hobbies in common, and to my pleasure, he enjoyed my jokes.  In short, we became friends.
After my conversation with the orthopedist (who first spoke of PD), it is no surprise that Brock was the first person I talked to about my possible diagnosis.  Brock told me he had worked with PD patients during his clinical training. He may well have suspected the diagnosis was true. It was not his place to say.
He did tell me, that if the final verdict was PD, stretching and movement were key to holding back the tide of symptoms. He would gladly work with me to explain the movements most important to retain my mobility.
I did not understand his biggest take-away advice until later. “You don’t need to know everything at once” he said. “Whatever else happens, do not join a support group.”

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