Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Second Visit

 Exactly one week later, I returned to Dr. F’s office with my test results.  I had already peeked at the reports.  My thyroid levels were normal, and the big package of MRI film under my arm reported that my brain was “unremarkable.”  I found that humorous, but in medical terms it means the MRI scan showed a normal brain. There was no tumor, which meant no carpenter’s fix for my symptoms.
Dr. F. proceeded with the same hand wagging, toe tapping challenges he administered the week before. He saw an improvement in my muscle function after only a week of low dose Sinemet therapy.  In fact, I had noticed a vague improvement with my walking mojo; a slight increase in fluidity and confidence. This was not good news for my friend Denial, but I would deal with him after the visit.
I liked Dr. F. and would have gladly continue to see him. To my surprise, he pulled out his note pad and wrote down the names of several hospitals in Philadelphia. “Get a second opinion,” he said. ”Then get into one of the hospital’s movement disorders centers.  You’ll get the best care that way.  Now, go back to work and have a good life.”
The metaphorical gate closed behind me.  The trail was chosen, and it led to Philadelphia.

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