Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Neurologist

The consulting neurologist I visited was a jolly fellow.  He was amused that an orthopedist set off a chain of events that landed me in his office. (See November 23rd post)   Following a form that was given to me , I wrote a health narrative and personal history.  My friend Denial and I downplayed my symptoms and highlighted all the environmental factors we could recall.  In my work I’ve been exposed to lead, mold, sawdust, paint thinners and various other toxic sludges.  Dr. F, to my disappointment, showed no particular interest in toxins, but did ask if I had ever mined cobalt in Bolivia.
He then subjected me to a physical test that can best be described as the” pull over for suspected intoxication, walk the line and touch your nose test.”  I’ve had some practice with that in my youth, and did quite well.  Then, I tapped my toes, made quacking motions with my hands and drew spirals on a paper pad.  Although we thought we had done well with all the tests, Denial and I had not convinced Dr. F. 
“Nothing conclusive” said the doctor.  I was given a prescription for sinemet, (a dopamine replacement drug}, instructions for a blood test for thyroid imbalance, and orders for a full head scan MRI.
The MRI was scheduled to look for a brain tumor.  A brain tumor could be operable. Denial and I liked that idea.

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