Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Confusing Symptoms

" Swing your arms when you walk" my wife said to me as we traversed the aisles of our favorite grocery store. " "But dear," I replied, " my shoulders still hurt from the last physical therapy session." You see, I was having rotator cuff problems; first my right side, then my left. It was no doubt caused by years of abuse from my vocation as carpenter/contractor. Cortizone shots and a lot of P/T had helped greatly. To be honest, my range of motion in my shoulders was almost 100%, and the pain was not that bad. It was if I had forgotten how to swing my arms.

If I thought about it, I could swing my arms, first my left , then my right, but I was confused as to the correct sequence to follow my steps. Then my mind would wander, my attention diverted by our shopping. My arms, once again, would fall limply to my sides. "Obviously," I thought, "more physical therapy is in order."

On the way out of the grocery store, on that fine Spring day, my wife wondered aloud if she had received the discount on our coffee. "Go back in, they will give it to you. I"ll put the groceries in the car and wait." And so I did. With time to waste, I decided to talk to the young woman on break from her job in the meat department. We are regulars at this particular supermarket and know the employees, at least on a smile and wave basis. After a short and pleasant conversation, the young woman excused herself and started back to her work. She encountered my wife as they passed though the sliding doors and said "I just had the nicest conversation with your father."

It was back to the gym for me.

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